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Ever since its establishment, El-Funoun Dance Troupe has maintained its artistic, administrative and financial independence. It generated income through self-reliance to produce various artistic work, carry out performances and manage its resources in addition to providing training and academic scholarships for its members. These endeavors were manifested through the formation of a popular incubator that was born out of experience and consistency, where it relied on the support of individuals and local community support in securing many of its work and development requirements, be it financial, moral or logistical.

Furthermore, in order to curb external funding, which seeks dependence of the Troupe’s administrative and financial needs, the Troupe actively sought to reinforce the abovementioned approach by generating income through local performances and tours, and by sales of its audio and video productions. In addition, donations contributed by friends of El-Funoun through El-Funoun Friends’ “Support Us” package, also played a role in income generation.

The abovementioned donations range from $50.00 - $5,000.00 given yearly by El-Funoun’s members, friends, supporters and fans throughout Palestine as well as worldwide, either as individuals or as institutions. This can be attributed to El-Fonoun’s provision of a social environment where individuals are able to refine their personalities and form positive attitudes towards the community, collective and voluntary work.

Finally, in light of the difficult political, social and economic changes the Palestinian society in general, and the cultural and art sector in particular, are going through, it is urgent and necessary that a comprehensive strategy is put forth to ensure the Troupe’s financial independence and institutionalize contact with established relationships built thus far. For this reason, we would like to provide to you this platform, as part of this strategy, which will facilitate a smooth and safe transfer of your donation directly to El-Funoun’s account, as well as protect the privacy of your banking information.

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  • Bank Name: Bank of Palestine Plc.
  • Branch: Al Masyoun Branch
  • Address: Ramallah, West Bank, Palestinian Territories
  • Swift Code: PALSPS22
  • Bank Number: 89
  • Branch Number: 471


  • Beneficiary Name: El-Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe  
  • Beneficiary Account No: 605164
  • IBAN
    • USD     PS66PALS047106051640013000000
    • JOD     PS34PALS047106051640293000000
    • ILS       PS51PALS047106051640993000000
    • EUR     PS71PALS047106051640333000000